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12 People wrote to us:
  1. Mr. Kirby helped me in a severe felony criminal matter with my son. My son was a teenager when the events that led to his arrest years later as an adult. I was afraid that my son would spend the rest of his life in prison, unable to raise
    his daughters. I appreciate Mr. Kirby because I was always well informed. He always explained the process, and there were no surprises. I liked the fact that Mr. Kirby never judged my son. He and his staff are very humble. I never felt ignored. I would call him at all hours, and he always picked up my calls. Also, he is true to his word, and he was our Attorney until my son was off probation. My son now has a normal life and a new baby, an excellent job, and a fantastic family. Thank you, Mr. Kirby! I am so glad I trusted you with my son’s life.

    May 21, 2020
  2. I was indicted on federal weapons charges when I tried to cross the US/Mexican border with a firearm. Mr. Kirby represented me zealously and effectively. He convinced the government that I should receive a deferred prosecution, I ended up with no record and no jail time once he became involved. I would highly recommend him as an attorney in any criminal matter.

    February 20, 2020
  3. My family hired Mr. Kirby in 2017 to review my father’s case. He did an exceptional job both in court and with us as his clients. Mr. Kirby always made us feel welcomed in his office. He quickly and accurately responded to us with any concerns we may have had. His confidence and knowledge led us to hire him as an attorney. I greatly recommend his services and trust him in any legal matter.

    December 20, 2019
  4. John did a fabulous job representing me he was very professional thru out the case. I have no hesitation of recommending John Kirby as a criminal lawyer to anyone you will be very happy with the outcome.

    August 13, 2019
  5. My attorney John Kirby along with his friendly, knowledgeable staff saved my life!! I recently suffered from an extreme drug addiction & was charged with a federal crime while under the influence. Mr Kirby not only fought to get my charges dismissed but also to get me the help I desperately needed. I now have 16 months clean, am supervisor at my job, recently bought a car & have a new apartment. But most importantly my family has me back! A granddaughter, daughter, sister & mother! I couldn’t have asked for more! Thanks John!

    June 27, 2016
  6. John, thank you for helping my daughter, she is now in a rehabilitation program and has another chance at life.

    May 22, 2016
  7. I never expected to find myself under criminal investigation, but the moment the Federal Government/Securities and Exchange Commission charged me with conspiracy + insider trading, I began my search for the best attorney in Southern California. A friend of mine out in Washington D.C. directed me to John and it was the most important recommendation of my life. John is a no-nonsense innovative strategist. That’s my perfect description. Not only is he highly respected amongst judges, but he manoeuvred the system with command and expertise of a former prosecutor, getting me down from a 10-year minimum to a 1-year probationary period. Needless to say he saved my life, and spared my family a lot of grief. Still can’t believe it. If you’re in a real bind and need someone who won’t compromise, you’re looking for John.

    May 20, 2016
  8. Mr. Kirby, helped me out in the most difficult time of my life. I was facing federal charges and I could not have asked for a better outcome.
    He was attentive to my needs and provided solutions. I highly recommended for any criminal matter!!! His staff is highly trained and knowledgeable.

    May 19, 2016
  9. I was referred to Mr. Kirby by a long time mentor and colleague as the best Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in San Diego. Mr. Kirby provided me with a free consultation after I was informed I was a target in a Federal Investigation. After speaking to Mr. Kirby at length about his background as a Federal Prosecutor and every possible outcome of the situation I hired him immediately. He communicated with the Federal Investigators directly. After a few months of Mr. Kirby representation I was informed I was no longer a target and no further investigation occurred. Mr. Kirby provided the best representation I could ever imagined with the perfect result.

    May 19, 2016
  10. Big hug to all your staff. Thank you so so much for the last two years. You have all worked so hard for us and it has paid off. After facing 10 years in jail, I was dismissed and can carry on with my life. Thank you Offices of John Kirby!

    July 2, 2015
  11. When the feds are out to get you, John’s the one who gets you out. The DOJ was pushing hard for some serious time and only an experienced federal attorney and former prosecutor could have gotten me the deal I have today. I can’t recommend him enough.

    February 26, 2015
  12. Muchas gracias por las atenciones que me dieron. Estoy muy contento y feliz con los resultados que me ha conseguido el Sr. Kirby. Gracias por todo.

    May 2, 2014

What Are Our Clients Saying?

  • Thank You So Much!

    I have to thank John for all the help he's given me and my family these past two years. It's been a bumpy road but he's seen me through to the end.

    Thank You!

    Michelle A.
  • Tireless Fighter

    I'm overwhelmed by the amount of time John spent on my case.Thank you for always giving me the attention I needed during this difficult process.

    I recommend him to everyone who feels like they need the best representation out there but can't afford it. He worked with me financially to make sure I could sleep at night. Thanks again John!
    Vincent G.
  • He Won My Husband's Appeal

    I wasn't sure if we had a case to appeal, but I had to give it a shot. Having your husband spend 15 years in prison isn't something you really think twice about, so I went to the law offices of John Kirby. The front desk was very kind and sat me in a private conference room. When John came in he laid it all out for me, what was possible and what wasn't.

    After our discussion I was very happy, I felt like he gave me reasonable expectations and didn't raise my hopes up to something that wasn't possible. The great thing about John was that even though he was really straight forward about what we could do, he fought to exceed his own expectations. And we won the appeal. He has changed our lives forever.  
    Edith E.
  • Seriously Good

    I had a great time working with John.

    He is brilliant and attentive. He never compromised and it paid off twenty times over. When it comes to protecting my future, I'm glad John was the attorney I chose.  
    Alan S.
  • Fantastic Attorney.

    Extremely happy with the results.

    Atty Kirby was very professional, courteous and kind. I am very pleased with his service and his staff were all very kind and courteous as well. Thank you Atty Kirby for helping me with my case.  
    Amy P.