Crimes and Asset Forfeiture

Whether an asset was allegedly used as a tool to launder money or it was allegedly purchased with money obtained through criminal activity, that asset may be forfeited. As part of our criminal defense services, we can protect cars, houses and other property from forfeiture.

Asset Forfeiture Is A Major Issue In Federal Criminal Law

Asset Forfeiture is a major issue in federal criminal law.

Law enforcement will often seek to forfeit property that is alleged to either represent proceeds of unlawful activity, or used in the commission of that activity.  A typical example may be a home, vehicle or other property the government believes were purchased with funds from illegal activity, or cash or funds in bank accounts the government believes were the proceeds of illegal activity.

The government may also freeze bank accounts or seize property the it believes is helping promote illegal activity. This is a particularly relevant issue in districts bordering Mexico, where an innocent owner may have their commercial or private vehicles seized because the driver has hidden drugs or undocumented aliens in the vehicle.  We have been successful in gaining the return of both funds and vehicles seized under these circumstances.