Represented an individual charged with a multimillion-dollar investment fraud scheme involving senior citizens. Post-preliminary hearing, our office was able to negotiate a 2-year sentence and significantly reduced restitution.


Represented an attorney indicted on charges of false statements in connection with the use of client funds.  Government’s initial offer was over five years in custody.  Client sentenced to five months in custody.


Represented high-level Mexican Official charged in the United States with assisting drug cartels in trafficking drugs and laundering drug proceeds.  The individual was extradited to the United States and cooperated against a highly recognized cartel and members of the Mexican government.


Represented a high-level member of a powerful Mexican cartel.  The individual was accused of importing ton-quantities of cocaine into the United States and faced a sentence in excess of twenty (20) years. Due to my experience in the United States Attorney’s office, I was able to use a technicality to reduce the sentence to a sentence of five years.  The client was extremely satisfied.


Represented wealthy Malaysian individual charged with corruption involving the bribery of U.S. Naval Officials in return for the directing of ships to ports where the costs of repair could be criminally inflated.


Represented an information technology specialist who gained inside information of a pending merger and disseminated that information to a relative, who subsequently disseminated the information to a wide range of individuals.  The client cooperated immediately and was given a deferred prosecution, and the case was dismissed against my client.


Represented individual implicated in multi-million-dollar medical kickback scheme.  The client cooperated in the case against him and was eventually dismissed.


Represented an individual from whom the government had seized approximately $2.2 million in cash found in the client’s residence.  After protracted litigation, I was able to recover approximately seventy-five (75) percent of the money seized.


Represented young Tijuana individual who became involved with high-level members of organized drug organization.  Able to negotiate a favorable sentence on the client’s behalf.


Represented a member of law enforcement involved in the theft of drug proceeds that were headed toward the U.S./Mexico Border.


Represented an individual prominent in the legal marijuana business who was ensnarled in the illegal activities of several individuals running an illegal hashish manufacturing operation.  I was able to successfully fight for a sentence of time served as well as reduced restitution.