Federal and state fraud statutes cast a wide net, covering securities fraud, bank and mortgage fraud, as well as Medicare fraud and medical billing fraud (coding fraud).

John Kirby has handled all of these types of fraud cases, and is familiar with the subtitles of the investigation and prosecution of types of cases.  Individuals with little or no criminal liability can often get caught up in the government’s net, so it is particularly important that individuals consult an attorney as soon as they become aware that a government investigation is ongoing.

San Diego Mortgage Fraud Attorney

Real estate and mortgage fraud charges are becoming much more prominent in the declining real estate market. State and federal prosecutors are getting more aggressive in pursuing these charges and seeking convictions. At the California Law Offices of John D. Kirby, A.P.C., we represent real estate brokers, lenders, property owners and other parties accused of fraud and white collar crimes. We bring more than 20 years of experience to these complex cases.

Real estate brokers and lenders frequently become the target of mortgage fraud charges when prosecutors identify systemic loans being issued based on false information. Real estate fraud cases can also involve flipping, straw purchases and other techniques.

Whether you have been charged or you are simply being investigated for fraud, you can benefit from retaining our law firm. Your case will receive immediate attention from John D. Kirby, a Cornell Law School educated attorney and former federal criminal prosecutor.

Attacking the Evidence

The evidence in fraud cases is not always as strong as criminal prosecutors make it out to be. In mortgage fraud cases, for example, they may have a loan application with false information on it. First of all, we will determine how they are going to prove that the information was not correct at the time the application was completed. Since they are charging the real estate broker with fraud, or some other party other than the person who bought the property, they also need to prove that the accused was privy to the fraudulent information. Did the party who made the purchase tell the accused the information was inaccurate? Was the accused’s signature forged? We will hold prosecutors to their burden of proof as we attack the evidence and pursue the best possible outcome.

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