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Corporate crimes, often referred to as white collar crimes, are criminal acts that almost always stem from financial motivation and, for the most part, are non-violent. There is a certain perception that surrounds corporate crimes, primarily that they have little impact on the community as a whole and as a result, aren’t viewed as being as serious as other types of crimes. 


This is a dangerous point of view because it can lead to corporate crimes being committed without the person being aware of the severity of their illegal activity, or the far-reaching implications of the crime. Corporate crimes are taken very seriously, with some judges and prosecutors looking to make an example out of white-collar criminals.


Individuals who are involved in corporate crimes often find themselves entrenched in a more difficult legal battle than expected. If you’re involved in a white-collar crime, it’s important to be aware of the challenges ahead.


What’s Considered Corporate Crime?


A corporate crime is defined as an illegal act that is committed within the corporate landscape. Almost always, financially motivated, corporate crimes differ from other types of white-collar crimes in that they are committed with the intent to benefit the corporation, rather than individual financial motivation – an example being insider trading.


People who get involved in corporate crimes don’t all have the same motivations. A person higher up in a corporation may commit these acts with the financial motivation that the end result will line their pockets. Someone lower on the corporate ladder might feel pressured to commit these types of crimes for the sake of keeping their job.


Understanding the Consequences of Corporate Crimes


There’s a perception that white collar crimes are always treated with leniency. This is rarely true. Corporate crimes, when you take in their full scope of damage, are thought to have a more significant negative impact on society than other types of more violent crimes. Corporate crimes typically involve large sums of money, which cost the public billions of dollars each year.


Individuals who are involved in corporate crimes need to be prepared for an intensive investigation, a great deal of scrutiny, and serious consequences should they be found guilty.


Under the law, corporations are considered legal persons, which means they can sue and be sued. In the event that a corporation is investigated and charged with a crime, the corporation itself faces consequences, but so do the individuals who were involved.


A corporation can’t exactly be sentenced to prison, but a person who commits a white-collar crime within a corporation can. In order for this to happen, both the company and the individuals who participated in the illegal activity would need to be indicted.


Should You Speak with a White-Collar Crime Attorney?

Corporate crimes are a complex area of law. If you’ve found yourself involved in a corporate crime investigation, or are facing charges, it’s important that you contact a white-collar crime attorney. You need a criminal defense attorney with the experience to handle your case. Attorney John D. Kirby is prepared to fight for you. Contact our law office for a consultation on your case today.

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