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A crime is federal when it violates any United States federal legal codes or when someone carries out a criminal activity over multiple states. Law enforcement agencies will investigate and issue charges to the person accused of these illegal acts. There are several crimes that can become federal charges when applying certain aggravated factors. This includes: battery, identity theft, sexual abuse, and fraud, to name a few. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of John D. Kirby can represent those facing federal crime charges in the State of California.


When someone exhibits terrorist behavior, this can lead to federal criminal charges. These crimes usually lead to injury or a death (or many). The more harm the greater the penalty is for the accused.

Crimes on federal property

There are crimes that occur which could fall under local state law that become federal ones when they occur on federal property. This includes government housing, commercial property, or buildings in a city that the government owns. Our criminal defense lawyer will defend clients who need a legal professional who understands the federal legal process well.

Intentionally harming others

Many crimes increase in severity from state to federal when someone had the intention of hurting others. This can include arson, armed robbery, or assault with a deadly weapon.

Occurring in multiple states

Crimes that affect multiple states are usually charged as federal crimes. This can include: drug trafficking, kidnapping, child abuse, and more.

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