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At The Law Offices of John D. Kirby, we have a team of experienced attorneys that have the necessary skills and resources to help any type of client. We have built relationships with the opposing counsel in order to get our clients the best results. When it comes to criminal appeals, we have the resources needed to do this final step in a case to avoid penalties or jail time. This appeal will come after a trial, a plea or sentencing. They are handled by the court of appeals, different than that of a trial court. We can help you determine where your appeal should be filed and do so for you.

Reasons You May Want to Appeal

There are many reasons you may want to consider an appeal. Perhaps you feel that the judge made the wrong decision or maybe you think the sentence you got wasn’t justified. Whatever the case, you need to hire an experienced lawyer to represent you and to guide you throughout the process. Many people use appeals because they disagree with a fact that was in a trial. During an appeal, you can prove evidence to debunk this fact, which can overturn a case entirely. An appeal may also occur if you took a plea and a judge went outside of the plea agreement. This may mean you have a harsh penalty that you didn’t agree to. This type of issue can be appealed.

The Appeals Process

Before you can appeal,  you must receive the final order/decision. This will come from a verdict usually. After that, you must file a notice of appeal. This can be verbally requested to your attorney. The notice is filed with the court. A brief is included that contains all the specific facts that apply to your argument and the case law that may support this position. Winning an appeal isn’t easy, so taking extra care to provide a great appeal is necessary. Our legal team can help you do just that. We have years of experience helping our legal clients to draft a professional appeal that gets them the results that they deserve.

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