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The crime of fraud takes many different forms and can be prosecuted with either criminal charges and sentencing or with a civil lawsuit to recover damages. However, most fraud crimes are worthy of some sort of criminal charges. Fraud is a crime in which a perpetrator takes money or property from someone else by using some sort of deceit. Now that the people of the world are connected by computers and the Internet, fraud is more common than ever and often involves some sort of electronic medium. Crimes like credit card fraud and identity theft are rampant and cost billions of dollars each year.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a crime in which someone uses the personal information of another to charge merchandise or services on a credit card, to withdraw money from an account, or similar. Some fraudsters have even filed tax returns in someone else’s name or have received unemployment benefits that they did not earn. Data breaches are common and can mean that a scammer has obtained the personal information of many people all at once.


When someone steals money or assets that he or she was supposed to be in charge of managing, they’re guilty of the crime of embezzlement. The perpetrator misappropriates funds or other assets for his/her own personal use instead of spending them as they were meant to be spent. An embezzler may create false receipts or invoices for services that were never rendered or for activities that never happened.

Tax Evasion

Tax evasion is a common form of fraud in which someone gives false information about their income on a tax return or makes some other type of false claims in order to avoid paying taxes. Exaggerating or overstating various tax deductions is also a form of tax fraud. Tax fraud crimes are serious crimes that can carry penalties of prison time as well as huge fines. Simply failing to file a tax return can carry civil penalties.

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