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There are many meth labs in the State of California. For every ten pounds of meth produced, there are about 50-60 pounds of hazardous waste products leaked into our environment. This is one reason why government officials prioritize finding and shutting down illegal meth labs.  

California law regarding meth

California law prohibits manufacturing methamphetamine during any state of the manufacturing process including: compounding, deriving, producing, extracting, or preparing

methamphetamine. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can present a defense on your behalf when you’re facing these charges including illegal search and seizure, wrong place wrong time, or victim of a false accusation.


Operating an illegal meth lab in California is a felony that is punishable by up to seven years in state prison. Even offering to help the operation is punishable by up to five years. Penalties increase if you’re producing crystal meth, manufacturing meth in front of children, have other drug crime prior convictions, or cause another person to suffer injury or death.

Drug diversion

Drug diversion is an alternative sentencing option that allows a nonviolent drug offender to receive drug treatment without having to go to jail or prison. When you successfully complete a drug diversion program, your drug charges will be dismissed.  As your legal representation, we can try to convince the prosecutor that you only manufactured meth to support your own addiction, so getting you help will help you become a more productive person in society.

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