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If you are facing the seizure of some of your financial assets by a government agency because you are suspected of or have been charged with a crime, you should learn how a California asset seizure attorney can help you. In the forfeiture process, there are crucial deadlines to meet, so seeking the assistance of a legal advocate as soon as possible is the best option. The asset seizure process can become complex, and paperwork can be confusing and must be filled out correctly when attempting to get the assets back. An experienced seizure asset attorney understands this process well and can help you get it done efficiently so that you have the best chance of getting your assets returned.

Types of Property Subject to Forfeiture

Asset forfeiture can occur when law enforcement officials suspect that someone is involved in an illegal activity like drug trafficking, prostitution rings, money laundering or similar. If it is believed that a house, for example, is being used for illegal activity like the sale of heroin or for a methamphetamine lab, the house can be seized by the FBI or DEA, even if the owner of the house is renting it to someone and is not aware of the activity going on inside.

Cars and other vehicles may be seized if they are suspected of being used to conduct drug trades, human trafficking, home theft rings or similar. The car may be a stolen vehicle with an innocent owner, but if it is seized by the government due to suspected illegal activity, it’s very difficult for the owner to get it back without skilled legal assistance. Asset seizure is conducted by law enforcement in order to interfere with and disrupt criminal activities, so the innocent owner of a seized asset must go through many channels to ensure the return of the property.

When the Government Can Seize Property Without Procedure

There are different types of asset forfeiture, and some can be implemented without the asset owner being charged with a crime. For example, civil judicial forfeiture does not require a charge or conviction, as the legal action is filed against the property itself and not the owner of the property. The property owner may contest the seizure, but this must go through trial proceedings. In criminal forfeiture, assets are seized from someone who has been charged with a crime. The person charged has the right to contest the seizure and go through the whole procedure, but if the asset was related to the crime, it may be difficult to get it back.

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