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Ever since the days of President Nixon’s “War on Drugs”, any crimes that involve a conspiracy to manufacture, sell or distribute controlled substances or illegal drugs are taken very seriously by all members of law enforcement. As a result, penalties are also severe and, if given in a sentencing, will change the life of the perpetrator forever. If you are facing a charge of a crime involving drug conspiracy, you must act immediately. Do not face these charges alone.  The smart thing to do is to hire the best legal representation you can find and let your lawyer do the talking for you. This is your only chance of either having your charges dropped or of having them reduced so that the sentence you are given is less severe. 

Types of Drug Conspiracy Charges

To be charged in a drug conspiracy crime, the prosecutor must be able to show that you intentionally joined another person or persons in order to break any state or federal drug law.  In general, violation of a federal drug law carries a higher penalty than does violation of a state law. Some of the most common types of drug conspiracy charges involve the crime of importing a controlled substance into the United States. However, the manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance by a group of conspirators is also a serious conspiracy crime. 

Penalties for Drug Conspiracy Charges

The penalties for the various drug conspiracy charges depend largely on the type and quantity of drug involved in the crime, and there are often mandatory minimum sentences. For example, for a crime involving more than 100 grams of heroin, there is a minimum of five years in prison and this may extend to a forty-year sentence. For 1 kilogram or more of heroin, this mandatory minimum sentence is increased to ten years. For “crack” cocaine, crimes involving 28 grams or more of this drug result in a five to forty-year prison sentence, while crimes involving 280 grams or more result in a minimum sentence of ten years, or can be up to forty years in prison. 

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