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When it comes to criminal law, a cartel is an organization of people who are usually involved in one or more types of illegal activity. Due to the complexities and the ranks involved in this type of crime organization, prosecution of the guilty parties may be a difficult matter. One of the leaders of the cartel may order a number of crimes to be committed by another member of the group, and this may be done under duress. Which makes it difficult for law enforcement officials to prosecute the party who is truly guilty, or sometimes, to even find out who it really is. All too often, law enforcement may end up accusing the wrong party during an investigation, hurting the reputations and jeopardizing the freedom of the innocent. If you’ve been accused of criminal activity involving a cartel, a California cartel prosecutions expert defense lawyer can make a real difference in preserving your freedom.

Common Cartel and Organized Crime Charges

Organized crime cartels are notorious for being dangerous and difficult to prosecute. The members of these cartels work together to protect one another and are under great pressure to keep the organization’s secrets. Cartels often promote fear in all their members to keep cartel activities quiet. In this type of culture, it is often possible for cartels to commit a huge variety of crimes, like the extensive trafficking and sale of controlled substances, human trafficking and prostitution, or even terrorist activities. Bribery, assault, embezzlement, money laundering and even murder are not uncommon in crime cartels. Cartels also often have certain individuals within the organization that specialize in carrying out specific criminal activities, like illegal gambling or recruiting prostitutes from among young homeless girls.

Why Cartel and Organized Crime Charges Are So Serious

Charging and prosecution of organized crime rings and cartels is so challenging, a number of federal laws have been passed in order to make it easier and also to make it less profitable and more dangerous to belong to a cartel. The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act of 1970, or RICO, is one such law. RICO allows the leaders of organized crime organizations to be prosecuted for the acts that they force members to commit. This is important because, in the past, many such leaders were not prosecuted since they weren’t directly involved in carrying out the illegal act. RICO has been used to prosecute members of the Mafia, the Latin Kings, and other similar organizations. Penalties for crimes prosecuted under RICO are very severe, often much more severe than if the crimes were charged and sentenced under conventional law.

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