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Healthcare system has grown a lot over the past 30 years and this has made it complex and oftentimes difficult to navigate. With the development of electronic medical records, tracking down healthcare fraud has become more difficult than ever. However, oftentimes it is charged with no real basis. Our healthcare fraud defense legal team can represent anyone who is facing these serious charges in the State of California.

About Medical & Medical Insurance Fraud

The types of medical insurance and fraud that exist are unlimited. One type of medical insurance fraud is upcoding. This occurs when an insurance biller intentionally assigns a billing code to a diagnosis that isn’t accurate to get more insurance compensation. Manipulating deductibles and/or insurance co-pays is another example of insurance fraud.

Medical fraud also can occur when a diagnosis is falsified in order to justify specific tests or treatments that aren’t needed. This is done to increase revenue. Billing for services that were never done is another way to falsify bills. Billing for equipment that was never issued to a  patient also occurs. Many possible cases of medical or insurance fraud involve a misunderstanding that with the help of a healthcare fraud defense lawyer can be remedied quickly with their experience and skills, you can be relieved of any charges that you did not commit.

Medicare involves the inappropriate use of Medicare funds for some type of financial gain. This type of fraud is also committed by up coding services, by billing for unnecessary services or like said before, billing for equipment that was never provided. Penalties for Medicare fraud are severe as this type of fraud jeopardizes the healthcare of elderly citizens and costs taxpayers billions of dollars. When you’re charged with Medicare fraud or any other type of healthcare fraud charge, it’s important that you immediately hire an expert defense lawyer to represent you.

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If you have been charged with healthcare fraud, call to schedule a free consultation with a healthcare fraud defense lawyer today. Healthcare fraud is a serious crime with serious penalties that can ruin a professional career and can lead to long prison sentences and very stiff fines. The expert legal professionals at the law offices of John D. Kirby have over forty years of combined experience and will fight to defend your rights and your freedom. We serve San Diego, La Jolla, Coronado, Carlsbad, La Mesa, Del Mar, San Marcos, Solana Beach and surrounding San Diego County communities. Call us at 619-557-0100 and let us give you legal guidance you can trust.