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Public officials of various kinds are entrusted with acting in the best interests of the public they serve. Since federal and public officials live most of their lives within the view of the public eye, accusations of or charges of federal corruption can do extensive damage to their reputation. Since public officials must often make difficult decisions, they can easily become unpopular, leading them to be targeted with corruption charges. Judges, law enforcement personnel, or city and state officials can be injured by accusations made by members of the public and can be tried and convicted by the court of public opinion before the facts related to the case are even known. This is why, if you’ve been charged with or accused of federal corruption, it’s important to know how a California federal corruption defense attorney can defend your rights.

Bribery and Theft of Government Money

One common form of federal corruption is bribery. Bribery occurs when a federal or public official accepts or agrees to accept something of value in return for being influenced in carrying out his official duties. For example, a judge may accept a large sum of money in order to agree to rule a certain way in a criminal case. Even a juror may be found guilty of bribery if he or she was influenced to vote a certain way in a trial.

The embezzling or theft of government money that was intended to be used to serve the public is another form of federal corruption. It does not matter whether or not the person who used the money knew it was federal money. All that matters is whether or not he knew that it did not belong to him. If more than one person was involved, charges of conspiracy can also enter into the picture, making the issue even more complicated.

Penalties for Federal Corruption

The penalties for federal corruption cases are often severe, involving years in prison and large fines. Bribery is a serious penalty of up to fifteen years in prison and fines of as much as three times the value of the bribe itself. Federal corruption crimes are almost always felonies, and as such, they involve penalties that increase in severity with the amount of money involved in the offense and with the number of people involved in any related conspiracy. One of the most important elements that must be proven in a federal corruption crime is the intention of the public official to commit the crime. A good federal corruption defense attorney will work to show that this intent was lacking in order to build an effective defense strategy.

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